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LB Post

05/11/10:  Bikestation CYCLESTYLE Fashion Show - Phanfare Photos

05/11/10:  Long Beach Bike Fest 2010 - Bike Fashion Show on SmugMug

05/11/10:  "Riding Bikes with the Dutch" fan reactions

05/10/10:  Maitri Quest - Creative Conscious Connecting

05/07/10:  Riding Bikes with the Dutch film trailer

04/27/10:  Bikestation DC wins prestigious engineering award

03/15/10:  New California Bikestations Create Network

03/10/10:  Easy Riders

02/25/10:  A Place to Park Two Wheels

02/17/10:  Grand Opening for Bikestations Claremont and Covina February 24th!

02/08/10:  Bikestation in the Los Angeles Business Journal

02/04/10:  Bicycle Retailer on Bikestation

02/04/10:  Courtesy of  the City of Covina,  the first 50 users to sign up will receive a free annual membership. Go to the Bikestation Covina  page for more details.

01/13/10:   Innovative Infrastructure Investments: Covina

12/28/09:   Bikestation and Mobility 21

11/18/09:   Green Development and Bikestation: ULI

10/13/09:   Bikestation Washington DC in the News.

10/05/09:   Bikestation DC in the Washington Post Express

10/05/09:   Transportation Secretary Blogs about Bikestation

10/02/09:   Bikestation DC at Heart of New Transportation Paradigm Shift

09/23/09:   Volunteer for the second annual Bike and Pedestrian Count!

09/15/09:   Bikestation DC Signals Growing Interest in Alternative Transportation

09/02/09:   Bikestation Washington DC Media Highlights

09/02/09:   NPR's Ari Shapiro on Bikestation Washington DC

08/14/09:   How Cycling Centers Could Help Smooth Commuter Transitions

08/14/09:   Bikestation CEO in USA Today

07/14/09:  Bikestation saves 1,000 Barrels of Oil in 2008.

06/15/09 Bikestation in BusinessWeek

05/26/09:  Find out about the new MobisEDGE  development tool.

05/25/09:  Bikestation is a certified B Corporation.  Find out what that means.

05/01/09:   Biking to a Healthier Economy and You.

04/24/09:  Read the Environmental Defense Fund Report on Bikestation.

04/13/09:  Bikestation Long Beach valet bike parking for Grand Prix. Seal Beach Daily.

04/07/09:  Tech Coast Angels Investors Fund Bikestation!

03/25/09:  Bikestation Santa Barbara survey has concluded.  Valerie Cantrell wins the                           Coffee Cat Raffle!

03/23/09:  Long Beach Bicycle Festival is coming April 3rd and 4th!  Bikestation to host                       CYCLESTYLE Fashion Show!   Visit Bike Long Beach for more details.

07/21/08:  Bikestation in the Press Telegram

07/03/08:  $330,000 Grant Will Help City of Long Beach Promote Bicycle Use

06/30/08:  July 4th Bike Parade in Belmont Shore.

06/17/08:  Bikestation Santa Barbara in the news!

04/21/08:  Long Beach Bikestation Manager Dominic Dougherty has joined the League

                     of American Bicyclists as a League Cycling Instructor.


03/17/08:  The City of Long Beach launches its Bike Share Program    

                      Bikestation in the Gazette.


01/23/08:  Livable Places "Envisioning Green Los Angeles" series kicks off with        

                     Gordon Price on February 11th


12/26/07:  Bikestation Long Beach on


11/27/07:  Long Beach Bikestation recently held its second Women on Bikes event                      for Members of the WINTER program.


11/20/07:  Washington DC Bike-transit Facility is on the Move!


11/15/07:  Bikestation in Business Week


11/08/07: talks to executive director Andrea White about the

                 ....benefits of secure bike parking.


10/31/07:  Bikestation Case Study authored by The Pedestrian and Bicycle Info Center.


10/18/07:  Bikestation on Bike


08/19/07:  A Billion Bikes Mechanical Safety Video


05/24/07:  How Valet Parking Could Save the Planet


05/07/07:  Environmental Defense Promotes Bicycling


                     Bicycling to Work Takes Off


04/27/07:  Bikestation Long Beach in the Local News. 


04/04/07:  Bogota Mayor Enrique Penalosa Visits Bikestation Long Beach


03/01/07:  Bikestation Palo Alto in Caltrans News


12/08/06:  Innovative Bicycle Parking Facilities in Europe


05/10/06:  Bike To Work Day Kicks Off a Cultural Shift


04/13/06:  Ten Years and Rolling Strong


03/07/06:  Free Bike Parking During Toyota Grand Prix


11/07/05:  City of Long Beach Partners With Bikestation


11/04/05:  Environmental Defense Grand Reopening